4, 6th September str.,
Sofia, Bulgaria

The Band

It is time to introduce you our wonderful band, which you can hear every Friday and Saturday after 10pm at Club Diligence! Do you want to hear and see something different? Elegance ladies trio has been around for 4 years. The combination of pianist, guitarist and singer is always interesting and attractive to the audience. The most important is that they do not stop growing, already with two author’s songs, and their live night performances are refreshing and inspiring! Come to have fun with them in our club! And here are the participants in our photo session:

In Frame: Трио Elegance
Photography: Ralitza Demireva Photography
Clothes, accessories and jewelery: Онлайн Магазин www.korset.bg & Aeternum Nocturne Gothic jewelry
Location: Diligence Club

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