4, 6th September str.,
Sofia, Bulgaria


The Steampunk style is inspired by the Victorian age. And we don’t mean an exact time period, but the aesthetic, fashion and culture of industrial 19 th century. This style, also known as Retro futurism explores the possible future of the world if the development of the industry has stopped at the invention of the steam engine and the Mechanics. The whole Steampunk world is full of futuristic looking and peculiar machines, dirigibles, hot-air balloons, antique cars and even mechanized living creatures.
The fashion takes elements from the Victorian age – The ladies are elegant with corsets, crinolines, umbrellas, and the gentlemen wear cylinders, suits with vests. There are also typical elements taken from the Steampunk style like googles (aviator’s glasses) and peculiar
mechanized weapons.
That what makes Steampunk different from Victorian style is the element of science fiction, inspired by authors like Jules Vernes and Herbert Wells. That is why it is called Retro futurism as it shows the vision of the future of people living in the past. The style explores the
imagination of people in the Victorian age which as in science fiction imagine how the future and science will look like. That fantastic future may look old-fashioned to the contemporary people, but that is the beauty of it.
The whole interior design of Diligence club is inspired by the Steampunk style. As you enter it, you will dive in a peculiar mechanized world, full of rusty gears, mechanisms, antique clocks and many other elements, taken directly from the style. Everywhere you look, you will find something interesting.
In the center of the club there is a huge diligence, where you can take your photo and seal the memories of your journey in the past. On the walls you will find interesting and archive photos of diligences as well as many collectables that our team has gathered.
So pack up your suitcases and come to Diligence club on an unforgettable journey through passed and peculiar times.

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